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Symantec Secure Site Certificate Symantec
The most affordable SSL solution from the #1 trusted Certificate Authority.
When security is a top priority and only a solution from the best provider will do, then come to the Symantec Secure Site. Boost customer confidence in your business when you display the Norton logo from Symantec on your website. Customers will know you are securing their information with top of the line security. All backed by a $1,500,000 warranty.
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Step 2How many Domains?
Total domains secured:
$353.26 Per Year
Step 3Total Price Summary
Total Due Today: $418.50

Your Savings: $198.69
To ensure the most up-to-date security that meets the latest browser requirements, when you purchase multiple years, you'll need to re-issue your certificate (at no cost to you) once per year.



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Mobile Devices



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Symantec Secure Site Certificate

What do the top brands, the banks and government agencies use when they need to secure their important information and transactions? They use an SSL from the number one provider in online security, Symantec.

This Symantec Secure Site SSL Certificate will secure you website or service with 256-bit encryption with a 99.9% browser recognition rate and mobile device support. It will boost customer confidence in your business that you will see, with increasing conversation rates.

As it is a business verification SSL, your business details will be shown within the Certificate itself and the included Site Seal next to the Norton brand (one of the most sort after brands on any e-commerce website). It is recognized as a trusted source and provider. The Norton Secured Seal which you can place on your website, is a true show of trust and authenticity. Only an established business, registered and up to date, can obtain this this Seal.

With your website secured and customer confidence in your business increasing, you need to maintain a good sense of ongoing security. That is why, with each Symantec Secure Site that we sell, we also include Norton Daily Malware Scanning. Your website will always be secured and you will be notified right away if there is anything that needs to be looked at.

When you need to secure more then one domain and you want this great product for each one, buying individual certificates might get a bit costly. The good news is that each Secure Site SSL is a multi-domain Certificate that will give you the ability to secure up to 25 domains under a single management. No need to fuss over multiple renew dates and higher costs, as when it comes under a single SSL, you will be saving considerable amounts and only have to do a single renewal when the time comes.

Certificate Specifications

Domains 1-25
Browser support 99.9%
Reissues Free and unlimited
Key length 2048 - 4096-bit
Encryption up to 256-bit
Secures +
Green address bar
UCC/SAN support
Validation Business
Issuance time 1-3 days