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From baseline Domain Validation to high-end Extended Validation offers (including mid-range Wildcard SSL certificates, for example), certificate management is easier than ever with the help of modern certificate authorities such as DigiCert, Sectigo, GeoTrust and more. Do you need to secure multiple domains? A Code Signing service? Something to establish your website as a haven for online transactions? Set up 256-bit encryption and Secure Sockets Layer technology with SSLTrust's selection of highly trustworthy Certificate Authorities!

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What are the Best SSL Certificate Brands?

Here at SSLTrust, we offer unlimited access to the best certificate authorities via their digital certificates, all backed with top-grade root certification and intermediate-level solutions, depending on what you need. We also provide you with a way to quickly and easily compare and contrast between the Certificate Authorities and their respective SSL/TLS products.

Down below, you'll learn a bit about each and every SSL certificate we have in store, though you can find way more information if you click on the appropriate link. Everything you need to know at one place - that's SSLTrust.

Securing your website and content has never been quite as easy and affordable as it is today. Let us show you how it all works, and get protected in a matter of minutes using one of the many types of certificate products from various Certification Authorities we have in store.

Comodo SSL Certificates

Comodo SSL/TLS Certificates are one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways for any online business looking to protect customer transactions. Comodo's root certificates are embedded in all major browsers and devices and are trusted by 99.9% of the Internet population. Comodo offers an extremely wide variety of digital certificates for virtually any use case one could imagine. Secure your UCC/SAN server today, your office communications setup, or your software code with the various types of SSL certificates delivered by Comodo.

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GeoTrust SSL Certificates

GeoTrust is the world's second-largest digital certificate provider. Over 100,000 companies around the world trust GeoTrust to secure online transactions and conduct business, and the company's SSL/TLS solutions are supported by 99.9% of browsers and devices. GeoTrust may well have one of the most flexible business web security offerings you could ask for. A single digital certificate from GeoTrust will lead to higher authority and trustworthiness, which could easily lead to much-improved conversions down the line.

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Digicert SSL Certificates

Digicert has evolved to become one of the world’s largest security companies in over 50 countries. They provide security and system management solutions to help you help your customers. A trusted security partner with a proven track record for reliability, quality, and convenience. Digicert is the industry-leading SSL Provider for virtually all types of SSL certificates Their post-quantum certificates are already available, making DigiCert the go-to Certification Authority for users that need a considerable amount of future-proofing.

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Sectigo SSL Certificates

Formally known as Comodo CA, Sectigo has the largest percentage of SSL Certificates issued to organizations and individuals around the globe. They are a fantastic low-cost solution when it comes to securing your website or service. The Sectigo Root Certificate is pre-installed in all majors browsers, mobiles, and systems for ultimate certificate trust. Being one of the most successful CAs in 2021. For those who need a market leader, Sectigo is the best choice.

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Thawte SSL Certificates

Thawte continues to prosper as a distinct SSL provider within the VeriSign group. Thawte's focus remains squarely on extending a trusted relationship on the Internet to anyone, anywhere. Their commitment to the egalitarian ethos of the Internet has been further underscored over the past few years, and Thawte has proven itself as a top-grade SSL certificate provider. Enjoy the full backing of VeriSign, a leader in the field - with Thawte support.

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RapidSSL SSL Certificates

RapidSSL is a subsidiary of GeoTrust, a highly trusted, internationally recognized digital certificate authority. If you are looking for the most cost-effective SSL Solution, you can’t go wrong with RapidSSL as your SSL certificate provider of choice. If your best SSL certificate is the one that you can get at a highly affordable price, few Certificate Authorities can parry RapidSSL. This is the right SSL certificate provider for cost-sensitive users.

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Selecting a Certificate Authority

Choose the Right Certificate Authority With SSLTrust!

Choosing the right Certificate Authority for your use case boils down to finding the right niche. What is it that matters the most to you? Are you looking for highly competitive pricing or an amazing support crew? Do you need rare, hard-to-get features and top-notch security? If you're not 100% sure what is it that you're looking for between all the OV and EV SSL solutions, consider the following section.

SSL certificate price: how high is too high?

Pricing is, for many users, the most important consideration by far. It makes sense, too - every modern SSL/TLS certificate comes with 256-bit encryption by default. In most cases, a higher price gets you more features via a premium (EV) SSL, a more complex implementation across multiple sites, or straight-up different types of SSL altogether.

A higher price, then, doesn't necessarily always lead to better security. For many users, the cheapest SSL providers will often be a slam dunk. Free certificates may well be an option for a trial run, too, and ought to be considered.

If you're an individual user or a small or medium-sized business owner, low-cost digital certificates will likely be the way to go. All modern SSL/TLS certificates offer substantial protection. 256-bit encryption is the current industry standard, and every Certification Authority featured on SSLTrust can provide you with this particular industry standard.

What kind of SSL certificate do you need?

As important as pricing may be, you still need an SSL certificate that offers protection in a way that makes sense for your particular use case. Cheap types of SSL certificates offered by a certificate authority may only feature Domain Validation, for example, which might not apply to the software you may want to offer to your visitors.

A cheap SSL certificate provider will have fewer features. These simple SSL certificates won't always cover everything you may need coverage for, such as in the case of an e-commerce service or other assorted online businesses. A more high-end Certificate Authority is, in that case, the better choice.

Either way, regardless of whether you need a Wildcard SSL certificate or, say, top-end EV SSL certificates, you'll find your new security solution right here at SSLTrust. We make these things simple!

Does Certificate Authority reputation matter?

One of the main reasons SSL certificate providers are as ubiquitous as they are is that they come from a position of trusted authority. Namely, Certificate Authorities are in a unique spot where they can issue the best SSL certificate offering utmost security to anybody who requests it. To that end - yes - the reputation of a specific Certificate Authority does play a major role, especially as malicious attacks continue improving compared to contemporary security solutions.

The good news, though, is that you shouldn't worry about CA reputation if you're buying via SSLTrust. The SSL certificate providers we feature on our website are among the best SSL certificate providers in the industry. Some of them are, in fact, at the very pinnacle in their respective niches, no matter your use cases. Whether you're a small business owner or the representative of a large-scale corporation - we can help.

Get The Best Prices, Features, and Coverage!

As we mentioned elsewhere, there's an extremely wide variety of digital certificates available here at SSLTrust. Our goal has always been to provide you with a comprehensive, all-in-one security solution no matter what sort of website you may be running. Of all the different types of SSL certificates on the market, we offer the ones you may find the most useful.

Trial certificates, individual single-domain SSL, dedicated UCC/SAN options, business-grade SSL, Wildcard SSL, EV SSL certificates, and everything in-between - if you need it, chances are that you can find it at SSLTrust. This section may be invaluable to those who are hunting for solid, reliable, and affordable SSL certificates. Of course, you can also use the appropriate backlink to learn more information about the certificate provider you may be interested in.

SSL Selection

Comodo SSL Types

Comodo offers - by far - the greatest variety of SSL types and subtypes for users to choose from. Whereas most other CAs opt either for the low or the high-end of the SSL/TLS spectrum (i.e. individual and business-grade protection, respectively), Comodo has plenty to choose from for both kinds of users.

Is Comodo going to be your Certificate Authority of choice moving forward? Learn more!

GeoTrust SSL Types

A hugely successful SSL provider across the board, GeoTrust specializes in higher-grade certificate protection, with its simpler, lower-specced digital certificates relegated to a subsidiary, instead. Feature-rich and flexible, GeoTrust is the go-to CA for many high-end enterprises.

Is GeoTrust going to be your Certificate Authority of choice moving forward? Learn more!

DigiCert SSL Types

DigiCert's SSL offerings have proven, time and again, that they're an incredibly reliable choice no matter the complexity of your web system. From the company's simplest endeavors all the way to its truly high-end post-quantum protection, DigiCert is the most forward-thinking CA on the market.

Is DigiCert going to be your Certificate Authority of choice moving forward? Learn more!

Sectigo SSL Types

Intel, Red Bull, and Tiffany are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of companies whose web presence is protected by Sectigo. This incredibly widespread Certificate Authority has dedicated most of its resources to becoming the world most trusted and customer-centric digital certificate partner. So far, it's been working out rather well for Sectigo.

Is Sectigo going to be your Certificate Authority of choice moving forward? Learn more!

Thawte SSL Types

Operating since 1995, Thawte's considerable selection of digital security certificates might not be overly eclectic, but it sure is reliable. With DigiCert backing, Thawte will quickly and easily fulfil virtually any web security requirement your online presence may require, featuring both OV and EV SSL.

Is Thawte going to be your Certificate Authority of choice moving forward? Learn more!

RapidSSL SSL Types

A subsidiary of GeoTrust, RapidSSL is laser-focused on being the fastest and most affordable SSL provider on the market. Their offerings - lean as they are - have been deliberately trimmed down and streamlined to cater to individuals and small businesses, making RapidSSL the CA of choice for too many users to count.

Is RapidSSL going to be your Certificate Authority of choice moving forward? Learn more!

SSLTrust: Your One-Stop Shop for Web Security

Though we certainly pride ourselves on the sheer breadth and variety of CAs and their digital certificates available via SSLTrust, that's hardly the only service we offer. On top of our comprehensive support package - which we highly recommend - we also feature an impressive array of articles and assorted content that you, too, may well be interested in.

SSL/TLS security is an ever-evolving area that's not easy to keep track of, even for experts in the field. If you're just looking to quickly and easily secure your website or web service without spending too much money - you're at just the right place.

If you need a bit more information on the types of available certificates and their exact specifications and coverage, peruse our digital certificate rundown, featuring detailed product descriptions, tables, and overviews - whichever you prefer the most. Our malware scanner service, too, comes hand-in-hand with a certificate installation package, and is a safe recommendation for both established website owners and newcomers, too.

Choosing the right Certification Authority for the job is one of the main concerns a vigilant website owner ought to have. With our content coverage, you'll be able to make an informed choice in a matter of minutes. Not to mention unrestricted access to an entire team of cryptosecurity experts at your disposal. Make the right choice - with SSLTrust.

Our friendly team of SSL Experts are always available to help.

Paul Baka

Paul Baka
SSLTrust Account Manager

Paul is considered to be SSLTrusts' leading Cyber Security Expert and most knowledgeable on SSL/TLS Certificates and PKI Solutions.

Paul Baka

Hollie Acres
SSLTrust Account Manager

Hollie has been part of the SSLTrust team since it was established. She is a qualified Mechanical Engineering and IT professional.

Jeremy Schatten

Jeremy Schatten
SSL/TLS Platform Expert

Jeremy is our expert when it comes to installing any SSL Certificate and configuring a system to best security practices.

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Installation Service

We have our team of SSL Experts ready to help with the installation and configuration of your new digital certificate. We have experienced team members avilable to install on a large range of servers, control panels and paltforms.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

SSLTrust Review Ratings of 4.9/5 from 336 reviews.

SSLTrust were a bastion of sanity and competence during a unpleasant battle with Sectigo's processes. They went out of their way to help us get what we needed and it was great to have someone "in our corner". MUCH better than dealing direct! Kudos to Paul for his assistance.

10 months ago

Paul from SSLTrust came to my rescue after another supplier let me down due to horrendous support and a useless certificate. Paul took the time to understand my requirements and he held my hand through every step of the process. Now my application is code signed. It was a breeze and my confidence in the process is restored. Thank you.

9 months ago

We've been using SSLTrust for a few years now and it's been such a pleasant experience.We have a pretty unique setup and we need help from customer service every so often for our multiple certificates. Paul has been extremely helpful and responsive.I highly recommend their services!

4 months ago

Certificate Authorities FAQ - Your Questions about the Best SSL Certificate Providers

While there's a number of phenomenal SSL certificate authorities on the market, we've boiled down our preference to just a few of them over the years. DigiCert, Comodo, GeoTrust, Sectigo, Thawte, and RapidSSL cover every use case under the sun, and we're positive that you'll find the right types of SSL certificates for your use case by checking them out.

A trusted Certificate Authority is an established third party that issues SSL encryption to individuals and businesses that request them. SSL certificates are a special cryptographic link between an entity and their respective public keys, which are in turn used to establish an entire layer of web security via 256-bit encryption. You'll find the best SSL certificate providers and their respective types of SSL certificates right here at SSLTrust.

The only way to decide how to establish solid domain ownership is to consider all the aspects of your security needs. Once you have a firm grasp on that, you can consider our list of available SSL certificate categories and choose the CA that offers the right types of SSL certificates.

The wildcard SSL certificate will be a stellar option for those who need to protect both the main domain and all of their sub-domains, for example, whereas a UCC/SAN certificate may prove to be invaluable to those who are looking to extend 256-bit encryption to their communication servers, too. Wildcard SSL certificates fit the bill perfectly!

The best SSL certificate is the one that's right for you. Whether that's a simple Wildcard SSL certificate or an Extended Validation package - that's going to depend entirely on the specific setup you may be running. Get familiar with certificate management procedures and look into multiple certificates and the SSL providers that issue them. The half-a-dozen trusted Certificate Authorities on show here at SSLTrust are a great way to start.

You can get your trusted certificate - or multiple certificates, at that - at affordable pricing right here! SSLTrust is a great choice when it comes to issuing certificates of all kinds. From basic encryption for small business owners all the way to truly high-end EV SSL certificate solutions for global enterprises, chances are that SSLTrust has precisely what you need.

The various types of SSL certificates have, over the past few decades, become the backbone of web security. SSL/TLS certificates have slowly but certainly phased out virtually every other type of web protection technology, and vastly improved the general security of one's online presence - all by bringing the contemporary Internet to HTTPS standards.

By investing in an SSL certificate, you're doing your part in keeping the web safe, and you're safekeeping your users' data - sensitive or not.